Musculoskeletal recovery


Bionatursport is a leading company in musculoskeletal recovery in sports thanks to its biological and natural specific products.

The work in synergy and in close contact with the experts of the European Sports and Movement Clinic (CESM) attests to the quality and genuineness of the proposed dietary supplements.

Muscle stimulation is the only way to strengthen them. However, it is not during training that muscle tissues become more powerful indeed, often they go bad. For this reason, it is essential to undergo a recovery period during which the biochemical processes responsible for the synthesis and repair of muscle fibers are involved. In the absence of adequate and effective recovery, the efforts made during the sport are out of the ordinary.

Recovery Fast 1 and Recovery Fast 2 have been created precisely with the goal of maximizing recovery and making it quick and natural, preconditioning the tissues most involved in physical effort.

The studies

CESM's studies and international literature indicate that maintaining constant levels of anti-oxidation and tissue protection can contribute to a faster and more natural recovery. The best strategy is to give to the anatomical structures that are more stressed during the workout and race a support that begins long before the effort itself. A constant supply of anti-oxidants and anti-fatigue adjuvants enables rapid and effective disposal of fatigue and accumulated stress.

Bionatursport products, specially designed for amateur and professional sportsmen of all ages, provide a valuable help in adjusting the recovery phase after trainings, races and an intense physical effort.

The recovery after a training or a race is fundamental to return as quickly as possible to a muscular, tendon, and skeletal well-being.