Gluten free recovery supplements kit

Recovery Fast 1 and Recovery Fast 2 are gluten free sports recovery supplements offered by Bionatursport in a kit to prepare fabrics for intense sports effort and precondition the tissues most stressed by the athletic effort to make the recovery after physical activity more fast and natural.

In order to optimize and fully benefit from the properties of both products, CESM experts recommend taking RecoveryFast 1 and Recovery Fast 2 supplements together and regularly, in the morning and in the evening, both during sports and agonistic activity during the discharge months, to maintain a continuous supply of natural antioxidant pro-activity factors.

Constant and joint use of natural supplements RecoveryFast 1 and RecoveryFast 2 allow sports practitioners to prepare their physicians early in the phase of disposal of the muscle-tendon fatigue accumulated during the athletic effort.

This kit contains:

  • 1 x Recovery Fast 1
  • 1 x Recovery Fast 2
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Sport supplements kit

Supplements for anyone who practices sports, Recovery Fast 1 and Recovery Fast 2 provide a constant well-being to the lovers of movement of all ages and levels, from amateur to agonistic.
In fact, Bionatursport’s supplements and the philosophy behind their composition are based on a concept that emphasizes the importance of a basic preparation that improves the body's response during fatigue.

Recovery Fast 1

Alpha-boswellic acid and ginger based, Recovery Fast 1 is the bio anti-inflammatory supplement that provides a constant joint well-being for recovery of physical effort following sport activity.
Completely natural, thanks to the alpha-boswellic acid and gingerolo acid composition, it is a valid and effective support for the recovery of physical effort following sport activity.

Recovery Fast 2

Product made from turmeric, black pepper and willow, Recovery Fast 2 is beneficial to the health of joint function.
Thanks to the addition of curcumin and salicin, it guarantees a good support for joint recovery and restoration of physical well-being due to sports effort.

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