Bio sport antioxidant supplements

Tested and advised by CESM (European Sports and Movement Clinic) experts, the Bionatursport products are an important support for all those who like to enjoy sport in a new, natural and genuine way.

Bionatursport's biological antioxidant supplements are a different and new solution in the sport’s market. Recovery Fast 1 and Recovery Fast 2 are not energy supplements to be taken before or during the race, and are not the replenishing products of minerals or electrolytes consumed in the athletic effort and hence to be taken immediately after the race or workout.

Bionatursport offers products of high antioxidant value and benefits for the health of muscles, joints, tendons and joint ligaments.

Today's athletes, young professionals but also athletes who are no longer very young but extremely demanding, submit their skeletal structures (muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments) to an intense load and often at the limit.

Recovery of these athletic efforts often occurs naturally, but sometimes requires long times and unfortunately happens very slowly with age advancement.

Recovery Fast 1 and Recovery Fast 2, as demonstrated by European Sports and Movement Clinic (CESM) specialists, are able to precondition the tissues most stressed by the athletic effort so that recovery after maximum effort is faster and more natural.

To maximize the properties of both products and facilitate the disposal phase of muscle-tendon fatigue accumulated during athletic effort, CESM experts recommend taking Recovery Fast 1 and Recovery Fast 2 together and regularly.

Why Bionatursport

The body during sporting activity is often subject to intense and even maximal efforts: this can cause problems with the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Keeping the body in a condition that will allow it to absorb these peaks and recover from them, becomes, also in consideration of natural cellular aging, important for modern physical preparation, supplemented by proper integration.

It is obvious to anyone that the intensity of the efforts that are made in the practice of sports at any level requires the sportsman himself a 360 degree cure of his body and his own nutrition. Fighting the important oxidative processes triggered by stress passes through a reintegration and a constant supply of antioxidant-rich substances.

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Recovery Fast 1

Improve your recovery from physical effort in a totally natural way!

By preconditioning stressed tissues or intense training (muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments) in a totally natural way, you can benefit from a faster recovery by daily antioxidant and tissue protection factors.

Ideal for who practises sports, Recovery Fast 1 bio supplement, with its 100% natural ingredients, is able to guarantee, thanks to anti-inflammatory properties, a fast and effective musculoskeletal recovery.

Recovery Fast 2

Choose an efficient and completely natural aids for joining the joints!

A concentrated active ingredient that helps structures overloaded by agonistic effort or training to quickly resume a state of well-being, allowing you to return to sports activities with lower risk of injury.

Recovery Fast 2 supplements, thanks to bio and genuine ingredients, including curcumin, are a valuable support for joint recovery after sport activities.