Recovery Fast 1

Recovery Fast 1 is the bio anti-inflammatory supplement products by Bionatursport, 100% nautral and based on Boswellia and Ginger that contrasts the localized voltage states for rapid and effective post-sports recovery from physical effort.

It is recommended to take one pill in the morning and one in the evening, both during sports and agonistic activities and also in the months of discharge, with Recovery Fast 2.

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Bio anti inflammatory supplement for post-sports recovery

With a high purity composition and a high concentration of natural extracts, Recovery Fast 1 supplement is made up of the Boswellia resin, a typical plant of sub-tropical regions of Africa and Saudi Arabia, known as anti-inflammatory from antiquity and from Ginger, native plant of the Far East, with recognized and proven anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Essential support for all sports lovers, Recovery Fast 1 supplement has its action in the power of alpha-boswellic acids, potent natural inflammatory inhibitors and tissue balance stabilizers, and gingerolo, an active ingredient with a strong activity of contrasting the muscular and tendon flogies.

The combination of these two elements represents a completely natural support for the recovery of structures involved in sports effort.

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